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With modified screens and front metal electrodes, they reduced shading loss of front grid electrodes by 25 percent compared to previous cells.

Mitsubishi Electric will begin introducing this multi-crystal silicon cell technology into its mass-produced photovoltaic modules by fiscal 2011. They also hope to increase output of solar power generation systems by combining the technology with its PV inverters, which have the industry's highest energy conversion efficiency rate. Printed electronics has the potential to match and even exceed all this but it has yet to do so.

For more attend Printed Electronics Europe 2008 next month or Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon.
South Korean engineers say that they had developed a new transparent electrode that could reduce the production costs of display screens used in computers and mobile phones.

The new technology is expected to cut production costs by 50 per cent, and has the potential to greatly expand the use of displays and touch screen panels because it can be bent, the team led by Lee Geon-woong at the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) said.

The scientist at the state-run laboratory said the new electrodes are created by using a so-called one-component solution that combines such materials such as carbon nanotubes, binders, stabilization compounds and chemicals that help spread the thickness of the film evenly.

He said the liquid one-component solution effectively allows manufacturers to move away from the conventional indium tin oxide (ITO) method that requires high pressure and heat to create transparent electrodes.

"Because of the heat and pressure, ITO screens are more expensive and cannot be bent," the KERI researcher said. He added that in addition to reduced production cost, the new method greatly cuts back on manufacturing processes.

"The liquid can be applied by a roll-to-roll process, in the form of paste and by means of patterning," the expert said.

He claimed that once the technology becomes commercially viable, it can replace the ITO manufacturing process altogether and revolutionize designs for touch screens, flexible displays, solar cells, and various sensor devices.

Lee said patents for the new transparent electrode manufacturing process have been sought in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Transparent electrodes are one of the top priority technologies that Seoul wants to lead the world in in coming years.

For more attend Printed Electronics Europe 2008 next month.

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA have set the stage for building the "evolutionary link" between the microelectronics of today built from semiconductor compounds and future generations of devices made largely from complex organic molecules. In an upcoming paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, a NIST team demonstrates that a single layer of organic molecules can be assembled on the same sort of substrate used in conventional microchips.

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As we predicted in our CTIA Wireless preview issue last week, Leap has announced a couple of Samsung handsets that run on advanced wireless services (AWS) spectrum. Leap subsidiary Cricket Wireless is adding two AWS-capable handsets from Samsung: The MyShot, which retails for $149.99 and the Spex, which will cost $119.99. Each phone is triband and will operate on the AWS band, the PCS band and existing cellular bands. "As we prepare to launch the first of our AWS markets, we want to ensure that consumers have a choice of mobile devices when they sign up for Cricket's unlimited wireless services. We are pleased to be the first operator to bring CDMA AWS devices to market including the Samsung MyShot and Spex," said Al Moschner, Cricket's EVP and CMO. john fry ceo electronics
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